Electric Knife Sharpener

What is An Electric Knife Sharpener?

Electric knife sharpener is the electric powered gadget that is specifically designed for sharpening the electric knives with diverse materials (stainless steel, ceramic, carbon and alloy), edges (straight pr serrated) and types (survival, kitchen and pocket knives) smoothly and easily. The standard electric knife sharpeners are designed with blade slots or guides so as to align the blade of the knife at the best sharpening angle and it has in-built grinding wheels (like Sapphrite or diamond abrasives) that can hone and ground the edges of the blades for razor sharpness. Some of the models of electric knife sharpeners come with suction cups or stabilizing feet that offer optimal stability while sharpening the blades of the kitchen electric knives.

Quality of Good Electric Knife SharpenerMakes Sharpening Easier for Beginners –

Let us admit it! There are many people who rarely or occasionally sharpen their kitchen knives and hence they don’t have the sharpening skills. A lot of practice and knowledge is required to sharpen the electric knives. They may even ruin the edges and the electric knives in their attempt of sharpening it, if not injure themselves. So, electric knife sharpener comes with blade slots or guides and fixed angle and its powerful guide and angle perform the sharpening with ease and beginners don’t need to have any skills to use these electric knife sharpener.

Sharpen Electric Knives quickly –

being a professional chef, you have to deal with knives throughout the day and hence you need to handle a lot of sharpening work. No one prefers to spend long hours sharpening the blades of their electric knives. They prefer using the electric knife sharpener as it is a quick acting device that can sharpen all blades within matters of seconds. So, professionals always resort to electric knife sharpener because they are quick and easy to sharpen the blades of knives. It sharpens the blades and provides extra polishing finish to the knives.

  • No Guess Work Required –

    As already mentioned, the electric blade sharpeners come with blade guide and fixed angles. Therefore, beginners simply need to position the blade of the knife correctly. The biggest challenge that everyone needs to face while sharpening the blades of knives is to position the blades in correct angle for optimal sharpening. This difficulty has been removed with the advent of electric knife sharpener. You simply need to position blades in the correct angle and switch on the machine to sharpen the blades with ease. Some advanced models also offer you with the option to set the angle as per your requirements. So, you will be able to restore the edges of more than one kind of electric knife.

    Speed & Precision –

    This is another great quality of good electric knife sharpener. The process is automatic and everything is calculated optimally. The edges of the blades are sharpened with excellent precision and the mechanism inside the machine sharpens the edges with precision and at a rapid pace. The machine has abrasive belts which move the sharpener at adjusted speed for quicker sharpening.

    Advanced Features in One Device –

    The non-motorized and non-automated electric knife sharpeners can only be used to sharpen specific knives, but not all the types of electric knives. Since each electric knife has diverse requirements, the electric knife sharpeners cater to these varied requirements and types of electric knives. It works best for straight as well as serrated edges, Japanese electric knives, American Electric Knives, European electric knives and even on scissors and more such tools. Some models have different blade guides or slots, while some have different angle options for customization and suit the requirements of different blades and knives.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener BrandsChef’s Choice 130 Professional Platinum Knife-Sharpening Station –

This electric knife sharpener features 100% diamond abrasives that can sharpen, steel and strop almost all kinds of knife that you own and use regularly at home. This excellent hardened mini steel electric sharpener works quickly to sharpen all the dull edges of knives in short. It comes with angle guided sharpening system that is foolproof.

Presto 08800 Eversharp Electric Knife Sharpener –

It is an multi-stage electric knife sharpener that can hone any non-serrated knife-edges in matter of seconds. The sharpening wheels on the device are made out of ultra-hard sapphire that helps you sharpen and achieve razor sharp edges. Since it features precision blade guide position, beginners will never face difficulty in sharpening the blades.

Work Sharp WSKTO-KO Tool and Knife Sharpener –

This multi-purpose electrical sharpener helps you achieve sharp blades of any knives. It comes with customizable sharpening guide that enables you to operate the sharpener in 1, 15 and 30-degree increments. The speed of the machine varies and suitable to offer razor sharp edges both for straight and serrated knives.

Chef’s Choice 320 White Diamond Electric Knife Sharpener –

This electric knife sharpener features excellent patented polishing and stropping stage which guarantee to deliver razor sharp edges of knives every time. It has two stage sharpening systems that ensure that the electric knife remains sharper longer. The precision blade guides also ensure perfect angle every time you use it for sharpening, regardless of knives you run on the device.

McGowan Diamond’s Stone Electric Knife Sharpener

– Its ceramic and diamond stone wheel guarantees to offer a hollow ground edge for superior sharpening. Moreover, the non-slippery rubber feet of the machine ensure to protect your countertop from nicks and cuts.

Sharpening Instructions – How to Sharpen Electric Knife?

If the edges of your electric knife have become dull, you need to reshape the edges and it requires fair amount of efforts ad time to reshape the edges with the old traditional ways of sharpening. The more convenient option is to use electric knife sharpener. These are electrical machines with abrasives that run on motorized wheels and spin against the edges of the blades. It comes with blade guides and solid angle. So, you need to have any skills to sharpen the edges with electric sharpener. Simply turn on the sharpener, position the knife securely and tightly through the desired slots and sharpening will be done by the machine in matter of minutes.