Electric Fillet Knife

Electric Fillet Knife

If you have ever had to chop or slice meat or fish, you will understand how difficult and painful chores it is for your hands. This is where the Electric Filler Knife comes to your rescue. This electric fillet knife is the electric powered fillet knife designed to clean fish and meat in effortless way. It not only works efficiently on fish for filleting, but it can also be used to clean turkey, ham, duck, chicken, quail and even deer. Since it runs on electrical energy, less physical effort is required to operate the knife and it is easy to clean. It helps you to achieve more precise cuts while maintain the feeling of a traditional handheld knife. All these qualities and characteristics make it the top choice of homemakers who often need to deal with cleaning of larger animals at their home kitchen.

It comprises of a small electric motor that powers the serrated blades when it is turned on and it consistently moves forth and back to provide ultimate sawing action. Most of the models easily fit into your hand’s grip so that you never lose control while shopping or cutting the meat. Moreover, the blades of the fillet knife provide optimal degree of flexibility for easy and faster filleting. It comes with a variety of blade sizes to suit your individual requirements and cutting needs.

What is Fillet Knife Used For?

  • Trimming Fat –

    The most common use of Electric Fillet Knife is to spate the fish scales effortlessly. However, you can also use them to remove fat and the webbing of the silver skin of the fishes and the skin of quail and rabbit. The razor sharp and long blades are the exceptional choice for this chore.

  • Filleting Fish –

    To have the boneless pieces of fish, filleting is necessary and Electric Fillet Knife is the must have tool for such filleting of fishes. The knife can cut the fishes into fillets in matter of minutes. It can help you remove the scales, slice the fish through the flesh, and cut it along the backbone from the tail to the back of the head.

  • Slicing Meats –

    In occasions where you need to slice the meats into thin slices like roasted beef or pork, you can make use of your fillet knife. The thin slices of meats are used for a variety of recipes and with the fillet knife you can slice the meat into thin pieces to be used for any recipes with ease.

  • Segmenting Citrus Fruit –

    It is easy to remove the rind, pith and membrane from any citrus fruit with the use of electric fillet knife, including oranges, lemons and grapefruit. You can have the delicious bite of the fruit without the bitterness it has.

  • Preparing Vegetables and Fruits –

    Whether you need to peel the tough skin of avocados or slice the membrane from the pepper, the electric fillet knife can make preparation of vegetables and fruits much easier and faster for you. Slicing any vegetables with thin skin like tomato is very easy with the fillet knife; even you can peel mango skin with it. Fillet knife can also be used to cut corn from cob and peel the irregular and knobby vegetables like beets, potatoes, jicama.

 Best Fillet Knife Brands Available  

  • Rapala Cordless Fillet Knife –

    As far as convenience in concerned, Rapala Cordless Electric Fillet Knife is the better option. Powered by lithium ion battery, this fillet knife can help you finish your fillet quickly and get on with your day. It last for 80 minutes with continuous operations. Until the battery drains away, the edges of the fillet knife runs on full speed. It has rechargeable battery, which can be recharged after it drains away. It comes with powerful and edgy 7.5 inches of reciprocating blades that can take care of filleting needs.

  • Piranha Electric Fillet Knife –

    This is the corded electric fillet knife with larger 9 inches blade made out of stainless steel. The blade of the knife has more than hundreds of serrations which means it can handle a variety of filleting of fishes and meats. Besides filleting, the electric fillet knife can also be used for a variety of kitchen chores, which are beyond filleting.

  • American Angler Pro Electric Fillet Knife with Glove and Fire Blades –

    To prevent the torque of filleting, this electric fillet knife comes with powerful safety gears and motor system. This knife has been designed to alleviate the fatigue and strain while filleting and offers you more precision in cleaning fish without wearing your hands. The design of the blade is perfect for filleting everything from sharks to saltwater fish and even freshwater fish. It has heavy-duty shark blades that ensure perfect slicing of the flesh for roast and other recipes.

  • Berkley TEC Turbo Glide LI Electric Fillet Knife System –

    This is another brand of electric fillet knife that comes with additional accessories like carrying case to help store the gears and transport them safely from one place to another. It features a lithium ion battery that powers the motor to run the blades. Since it uses lithium ion battery, you can use it cordlessly and recharge the battery when it drains out. It has ergonomically designed handle that provide perfect gripping while operating the knife.

  • Mister Twister 120V Electric Fillet Knife –

    This masterpiece has undergone many changes and recently it was launched with many new features and updates. It comprises sharp blades that are perfect for angling position while filleting and its safety lock averts any accidental startup. It also has a housing that offer perfect grounding platform when the knife is not in use. It is the corded electric fillet knife, which you need to plug into 120V of power outlet and it comes with two year manufacturer warranty. If you are new in filleting, then consider choosing this electric fillet knife to master the skills and use other upgrade versions of electric fillet knife.