Electric Bread Knife – Usage

The newly launched knife varieties have kept on amazing people through the convenience and smart work enabled with use, and so is one variety operated through electricity. Electric knifes are known to make work easier, quick, and just perfect, but the use of the same is  thought to be dedicated to some slicing requirements only. Electric knifes are brought in action since 1970’s, and its functions have no doubt amazed people with the perfection and convenience enabled. Traditionally this variety has been thought to be ideal for slicing meat of varied kinds, into shapes to make it more scrumptious, but the real use is not just limited with meats, as this gorgeous tool could be used for multiple slicing and dicing purposes. Amongst the different options introduced in market, electric bread knife is one type, which has been found delivered amazing results in both professional and personal uses of electric knifes.

What is bread knife used for?

Do we really need a specific knife for slicing bread? Can this purpose not get resolved with any regular kind of serrated knives? Well, the answer to all such related question lies here, and you need to remind yourself that each knife is designed to fulfil its specific purpose effectively, and thus every knife has its own kind of importance, and so is held by bread knives.

Bread knives are made serrated on one side, and have a smooth edge on the other side. The knives designed specifically to slice bread are made sharp on one side so that it delivers clean slices without shredding the bread. There has to be the perfect length to the blade, this enabled perfect slicing in one stroke. The adequate length of a bread slicing blades is observed to be between 7 to 9 inches. Bread knifes usually come with a plain pointed end to the blade, which enables the best slicing functions.

Benefits of using bread knife over conventional knifes?

As already talked of earlier, every knife type is designed with its own speciality which created its demand and utility in the market, and so is owned by the specifically designed bread knives. But yet again, we need to find the benefits that over power the use of conventional knifes with bread knifes. Here are the related points mentioned below;

Precision–  When you use electronic bread knives, you slice bread with more precision. Breads usually get shredded when sliced, and thus using the perfect knife is too important. The wrong knife can spoil the entire bread, creating shredded slices where are not even from any side. And for creating finesse look of bread dishes, you need to have a specific bread cutting knife that creates précised slides.

Less effort –  Using electronic bread knives requires fewer efforts when you work. In less time you can produce more results, slice more pieces, without straining your hands. You don’t have to move your hands much, as the knife is already in action to perform its functions.

Speed– With electronic knives you work with better speed, and more produce is generated in lesser time. Speed in one factor which makes this product fit for being using in professional requirements, where large results are expected in minimum time.

These are the prominent benefits that tell you not to use conventional knives, instead opt bread knives that are designed for the said purpose.

Best bread knife brands available!

To find the best bread knife, you need to have complete understanding of the properties and functions of different kinds of knifes. The knives work on a certain mechanism, and knowledge about the same is important so that you get an idea about what you are searching for. That way, it becomes possible for you to find the option which would stand best as per your requirements. Find out more on the best electric bread knives, that will make your day more productive with lesser time in kitchen and more produce from minimum efforts;

Cuisinart Cek-40

Cuisinart Cek-40Power, affordability, precision, and a lot more come with this piece of knife that’s designed to deliver amazement. It performs its function without causing any kind of destruction to the subject, and you shall get results that are clean and upto the mark in accordance with the size and kind of slicing or dicing you wish to perform.

Product specifications;

  • It comes with 2 stainless steel blades to be ready for action any time for any amount of work.
  • It is provided with a wood storage block to keep the precious metal safe from all kind of damages caused with time.
  • The design including ergonomic handle doesn’t puts your hands under any kind of pressure, and that’s the greatest advantage of using precisely designed knife tools.
  • It comes with 4-foot electrical cord, that’s long enough to reach to different sections of the workstation.
  • It is designed including blade release buttons, which make the look classier and use more convenient.
  • The availability of blade safety locks enhances security keeping the use moderate
  • It is designed including the safety button, which allows better control to switch on and put off the tool.

Black and Decker EK700 Electric Carving Knife

Black and Decker is the perfect brand to offer your products that are always worth the wait. You cannot expect more than what is offered by this brand. Known for its performance, power, and robust quality, this brand is the all the favourite for people who know what to look out for in a knife, and thus this EK700 model is another favourite launched in the market.

Product specifications

  • It is designed including a 9 inch blade which is big enough to deal with all kind of slicing purposes.
  • It is the ideal piece of knife to deal with all kind of breads, which they are baked crispy or soft.
  • At the same time it can slice off meat and perform other hard jobs with utmost precision.
  • It is offered at affordable prices, and to find a product of this match in such price range doesn’t seems a possible task for the experts.

So these are the two most preferred options you can pick when looking out for electric bread knives.