Best Electric Knife Solution and Reviews 2018


If you often have meat on your table, you should have best electric knife in your kitchen! Before you try and read between the lines, we are just trying to tell you that an ultimate advantage of using best electric knife is to cut through the tender meat without shredding it into pieces or slicing that perfectly baked bread to perfection.

While they are brilliant at cutting the above mentioned items, it would be wrong to say that their use is confined to them only. Besides cutting meat or slicing loaves of breads, you can use them to cut vegetables for your dinner or the ones that complement your Turkey, you cooked to perfection.

The electronic knives do not just prevent your soft meat from shredding and creating a mess out of nicely baked bread but also have several other advantages like they require less exertion by the user, faster cutting and precision slicing.  To put it into facts, while slicing a well cooked Turkey can take 10 minutes with an ordinary knife, the job can be done in a minute with an electronic knife and that too with chef’s precision!

The electric knives were widely popular in the old times, as old as in the 1970s but their popularity faded away with the progressing times since they were considered unsafe by many and also because the older models were not as advanced in the technology as the current models in the market and they ended up in shredding the tender meats and messing the loaves of fresh breads.

With more and more failures happening with the wrong models on the market shelves, the electronic knives were gradually discarded by most of the people for their disappointing results as well. But with the advancement of technology, they have revived and come back with an improved cutting and slicing technology and a number of designs too.

ProductsRAPALA Electric Fillet KnifePIRANHA Electric Fillet KnifeHAMILTON BEACH Electric KnifeMISTER TWISTER 120V Electric KnifeBLACK+DECKER EK700 Electric Carving KnifeCUISINART CEK-40 Electric Knife
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Best Sellers Electric Knife


 RAPALA Electric Fillet Knife 

 USP of the product: Heavy duty motor and dish washer safe 

Words like monster and heavy duty are used to describe this electric fillet knife from Rapala and rightly so with its heavy duty motor that gives the knife a blade speed that is twice that of any standard electric fillet knife and power that is it’s thrice! It provides a comfortable and a relaxed grip that makes it the best electric knife to fit like a glove in any hand and makes the process of filleting absolutely free of fatigue. The power cord is more than comfortably long at 8’ and gives a free hand to the user. The 7 ½ inch reciprocating style blade glides through the meat and does not leave it shredded or torn. The motor is powerful and does not get hot even after prolonged, continuous use. The design is also dishwasher safe.

 PIRANHA Electric Fillet Knife 


 USP of the product: Can easily cut through tough surfaces 


The Piranha electric fillet knife comes from Mister Twister, the industry’s leader when it comes to electric fish cleaning technology. This is the best electric  knife which is answer to every problem that you might come across while cleaning saltwater fish. The design of the knife includes a heavy duty, 9 inch, stainless steel blade that has hundreds of serrations that can easily handle the problem of tough skin and scales that are found on saltwater fish. When compared to several other best electric knives in the market, the Piranha has 25 percent more torque and 15 percent more speed, which means you get more precision in less time. You can work with the knife for a couple of hours straight, without facing any problem of overheating.

 RAPALA Rechargeable Cordless Electric Fillet Knife 


 USP of the product: Cordless and Rechargeable  

Without a doubt the cordless feature makes it the best electric knife in attraction. Imagine doing your filleting job without any cords coming in the way–sheer pleasure to the love of cooking! It has a relaxed grip body and an advanced air flow design that allows a comfortable hand position to do hours of filleting without feeling any exertion. The premium motors of this cordless best electric knife promises a long life of service whether at home, in camps or fields and does not even gets heated up easily. Included in the pack are two blades of 6 inch and 7 ½ inch and dual rechargeable battery packs so you never have to pause your long and elaborate cooking sessions. Everything in the set can be packed discreetly into a compact case so you can carry it anywhere indoors or outdoors.

  HAMILTON BEACH Electric Knife 


 USP of the product: Two reciprocating blades of stainless steel 

As the leaders in the industry, Hamilton Beach products always have the comfort of their customer as their priority. This electric knife from the brand name has been often rated among the top best electric knives in various reviews for its two reciprocating blades made of stainless steel that work together ingeniously to give uniform slices having the same thickness as a result. The ergonomically designed handle and the carving fork that comes with the knife, together make for a convenient slicing of the meat. A compact storage case is also included with the knife set that contributes to its long life and prevents it from any kind of damage when not in use.

 WOLFGANG PUCK Electric Knife 


 USP of the product: Patented Rotary Handle 

The Wolfgang Puck electric knife is actually a professional grade product meant to give the user years of cooking pleasure. Use the knife to get precise thick or thin slices with complete ease; the design of the knife includes two serrated stainless steel blades that can be used to slice cooked meat, freshly baked bread and even frozen foods. The USP of the product is its patented rotary handle that allows convenient cutting from 4 different angles. It has a double safety switch that ensures safety while the product is in use and offers peace of mind to its users as well. The design is compact and space saving and does not take up much room in your kitchen or the shelf which makes it the best electric knife.

 MISTER TWISTER 120V Electric Knife 


 USP of the product: Light in weight, a convenient blade release 


Light in weight and comfortable to use, the 120 V electric knives from Mister Twister gives you an excellent control over your filleting job without leaving you tired soon. The compact size of the knife also contributes to its ease of use and convenience. With 120 V by its side, the design features 30% more power than its other knives and 50% more cutting torque. This is the best electric knife that can be used for filleting everything from perch to yellow fin tuna and while its standard blade measures 7 inches, the piece can easily accommodate blades of 8 to 9 inches. Other convenient features of the product include an expandable cord that makes it easier to use around and its small size that makes it possible to store it away conveniently, without taking up much room.

 HAMILTON BEACH Electric Carving Knife (74275) 


 USP of the Product: Versatile, can be used for a variety of breads and meats 


Now carve your turkey, ham or roasted beef effortlessly with this electric carving knife from Hamilton Beach. The oscillating double blade together with the high power of this knife will help you make precise slices whether it is freshly baked homemade bread or a crispy baguette. Also the stainless steel blade does not require sharpening and can be easily removed when it is time to clean the knife. Use it on a wide variety of breads without compromising on their texture. The ergonomically designed handle of the knife adds to the comfort and gives a better control to the user, irrespective of the fact of what is being cut. This the best electric knife which comes with a carving fork and a space saving storage case that keeps everything together at one place.

 BLACK+DECKER EK700 Electric Carving Knife 


 USP of the product: Safety lock and a non-slip grip 


The Black+Decker EK 700 has some very popular reviews of the users that claim that this is the best electric knife which cuts through meat just like butter, whether the meat is Turkey, ham or brisket. The 100 Watt motor makes for an effortless slicing of meat and bread alike. The safety lock included in the design is to prevent any accidental starts or any other damage; you will never have to bother about the safety in the house with this feature included. The non-slip grip and a comfortable handle make for an easy cooking experience minus the fear of dropping the machine while in action. It does a fabulous job while cutting foam-smooth and clean. EK-700 from Black+Decker has 9” blades that mean it allows an easy carving of up to 9”. The design is corded and comes with a two year warranty which makes it the best electric knife.

 HAMILTON BEACH 74250 carve ‘n set electric knife 


 USP of the product: Blade moves back and forth 


Carve your meat or slice your freshly baked bread precisely with this Hamilton Beach 74250 carve n set electric knife. The dual serrated stainless-steel blade in the knife moves back and forth and thus makes slicing and carving much easier. You will just need to guide the knife through difficult spots and leave everything on the blades; get thick or thin slices of bread without applying any extra pressure. The design includes stainless steel blades and a carving fork that make carving even the most difficult piece of meat easy. It has a non-slip trigger to prevent any kind of injuries. While the fork is dishwasher safe, the blades need to be hand washed separately. The other features are a 7 ½ inch blade, a powerful 100 watt motor and a white case for storage of the knife and fork.

  CUISINART CEK-40 Electric Knife 


 USP of the product: Safety features and durability 


If safety of your loved ones is always on your mind when you are buying an electric knife, you should probably take a look at the design of Cuisinart CEK-40 that has some outstanding safety features like the blade safety locks and a safety button for on and off control. The powerful knife will not fail to impress you with its durability and sleek design that is easy to clean and great to look at. It includes a powerful motor that will not require the user to stress and takes away all the hard work while you are appreciated for those precise slices of meat and bread. The pack includes two stainless steel blades, one for meat and the other for bread; use them for cutting vegetables as well. The ergonomic handle and just the right weight make it the best electric knife to fit into any hand like they were designed for them. Also included in the design is a wooden storage block and 4-foot electrical cord.

Technology of Electric Knives

An electric knife as the name suggests runs on electricity. There are three important parts in an electric knife that work together in tandem to create the technology that is responsible behind the functioning of the tool. These are Power, the Motor and the Blades. An electric knife uses power or electricity to run its motor. The appliance is usually plunged into a 110 V socket from where it gets electricity through its cord.

Inside the electric knife, is an important part of the appliance called its motor, which is generally 100W in most of the models of electric knives. The motors are also referred to as the ‘rotary’ motors due to the circular motion that it uses to transfer the power generated to the appliance. Almost all the appliances that we use in the house have a powerful motor that is responsible for their functioning. Rotary motors use a lot of power to run so it is important to ensure that the circuit breaker meets the requirements to run an electric knife efficiently.

The last and the most important part in the knife that also completes its function are its blades. Once the power starts the action of the rotary motors, the motor runs and causes the blades to move back and forth thus resulting in the final action of cutting through items like meat and bread easily. The fast revolutions of the motor when combined with the sharpness of stainless steel serrated blades result in a wonderful cutting tool. While all the three parts mentioned here play a very important role in the functioning of the appliance, its success basically depends on the sharpness and performance of its blades. The blades of a knife can vary in lengths and their life span can vary according to their quality. While a blade can be used for generations, their sharpness gets affected within weeks of their use.

 Electric Knives VS Traditional Knives 


Electric knives can prove to be one of the most useful kitchen appliances if

used in the right manner. Talking about the electric knife reviews, whether it is getting the right consistency or perfectly sliced meat or bread without shredding it into pieces (as in traditional knife), cutting through frozen food, raw meat or hard fruits or vegetables, electric knives are specially designed to give you the best results in minimum efforts when compared to the traditional knives.

Preparation for cooking like chopping, slicing was never as easy as it is with the electric knives that are easy to maneuver and much less time taking than their traditional counterparts. If you have always dreaded entering into the kitchen for the fear of long hours into pre cooking preparations that come with traditional knives, now is the time to reclaim your position as a chef!

The electric knives are not just a breeze to use but also priced much lighter than the traditional knives. If you compare some of the top selling best electric knives with a quality traditional knife, you will notice that the electric versions are priced much less.

Further electric knife reviews are also low on maintenance as they do not require regular sharpening like the traditional kitchen knives that must be sharpen at regular time periods.

While a traditional kitchen knife has a very basic design and does not come in a number of variants, an electric knife on the other hand, are laden with multiple features that vary with the make, design, model and brand.

If you have learnt to keep your fingers off the blade in an electric knife and use its other safety features diligently, you will have one of the most useful appliances handy at all times. However, if you are not too fond of either meat or bread, you can skip the unnecessary expenditure on an electric knife.

 Features of Electric Knives 


The features of an electric knife depend largely on its price and the basic purpose of their use, however, following are some of the key features that you will find in any standard electric knife from a good brand:

Stainless Steel Blades

An electric knife is what its blade is! Most of the blades in electric knives are made in stainless steel and are serrated for precise cutting. The blades are available in different lengths and are removable in certain models to ensure its convenient cleaning.

 Safe on and off buttons 

The safety remains high on priority with any brand of electric knife. The on and off buttons are designed to provide safety and preventing against any kind of damage or accident. There are other additional safety features in some models as well.

Ergonomic design 

The electric knives have an ergonomic design (most important its handle) that make for comfortable cooking, even if it means for long hours at a stretch.

Powerful motor

The power of an electric knife is an essential feature that decides its performance. Most of them have powerful 100W motor that prepares them to tackle any kind of cutting without straining oneself physically.

Usage and Safety

The electric knives or the electric carving knives are popularly used to carve a thanksgiving turkey or a ham. Besides they are also great to carve out roasts and slice crusty Italian bread to perfection. An electric knife will not shred your well cooked meat or mess up the crusty bread like a traditional knife. Many people use the appliance also to cut hard fruits and vegetables or cut through frozen foods. The electric knife can also be used to cut the vegetables that complement a well cooked turkey. Since the main purpose of an electric knife is to reduce the physical effort of the user, it does a great job with the food items that are hard to carve or slice with an ordinary traditional knife. Just on the other hand, if you do not eat too much of meat or bread, an electric carving knife is not going to be of much use to you.

As much as an electric knife is a great kitchen appliance to use, it can also be extremely dangerous to use this knife if it is not handled well. The new models on the market shelf use the most advanced technology to cut through the toughest surfaces of the food. The same advanced technology can be life threatening if it is not used with enough care and precautions. There is no wonder then that most of their models are well equipped with safety features and have an additional safety lock as well. It is highly recommended to be extra cautious while using an electric knife and avoid putting them to any other use than those prescribed in the manual that accompanies them. The user must avoid using them on metals, bones or any other items that can bring risk with them or damage them. They should certainly be kept out of reach of children and stored well in the compact cases that are often provided with most of the models. Reading the electric knife reviews before the use is also recommended for a safe use.

Types of Electric Knife

Corded Electric Knives –  Carving the holiday ham or Thanksgiving turkey would be easier with the use of Corded Electric Knives. With long cord attached with the knives, it can cut thick or thin slices of succulent lamb, pork, beef and poultry and you don’t have to worry whether the carving set is sharp. These Corded Electric Knives come with exceptional power and carving capabilities. But, ensure to have a long cord to reach the outlet from the spot you mostly be using the knife for carving. It is the stainless steel electric knife that comes with 7-9 inches long blades that are razor sharp to slice your ham or turkey in pieces in matter of minutes. With removable blades, cleaning and storing becomes easier and safe. The serrated edges of the knives made them a great option not only for cutting poultry and beefs, but also to chop breads and cheeses thinly.

Cordless Electric Knives – Cordless Electric Knives are ultimate and ideal for homemakers who don’t want to be bothered with the cumbersome cord or manual knife. There are different models to choose from and comes with a varied price range to fit your specific budget and need. It automates the cutting process and makes carving a breeze because it can be used anywhere without the need of cords. The Cordless Electric Knives put precision and power right on your fingertip as it makes slicing and carving simple and faster. Its ergonomic handle comprises the one-touch trigger for exceptional ease of use as you chop or cut neatly, uniformly of everything from prime ribs to roast turkey or ham to crispy loaves of bread. Most of the models come with adjustable slicing guide that helps you to make consistent and clean cut every time. Electric knife reviews shows that it is the best kitchen mate for those with arthritic hands or struggle with their arm strength.

 Purchase Considerations  

Electric kitchen knives are designed to slice, chop and carve effortlessly, in general it can make your prep work a breeze and faster. However, not all electric knives are equally crafted and hence choosing the best electric knife that fit your need and budget is extremely essential for enhanced carving experience. So, here is the list of things that you must consider while buying best electric knife for your home kitchen.


The cheaper models of electric knives come with a handle that vibrate violently while carving or slicing which may hurt your hand and make it numb at times. The quality models of electric knives are designed with ergonomic handle that fits well with the contour of your hand and palm and makes chopping and carving a hassle free and painless experience. So, it is necessary for you to choose the electric knife for your home kitchen that comes with ergonomic handle which can make your carving experience wonderful.


Today, the electric knife available out there come with two different types of blades, the first type of blade is for carving meat and poultry and the second blade is for slicing loaves of breads. Most of the models available today come with the blade for carving meat, while only few models have blades for slicing breads. So, ensure to buy the electric knife that has blades for both the purposes. The length of the blade is another factor to consider. The size of blade you need depends on the food or material that you want to cut. If you are intending to carve turkey or larger foods, then go for the electric knife that comes with blade length ranging from 9 inches to 10 inches which is ideal of chopping such large animals. The longer the blade, the better the slices of meat you will get. Moreover, try to find the electric knife that comes with blades made out of chrome or synthetics. Discussing more about electric knife reviews, stainless Steel blades are the ideal option as they are durable and won’t rust or tarnish and it is easy to clean.


If you are intending to buy corded electric knife, then ensure to buy the electric knife that won’t force you to purchase an extender. So, the length of the cord is another crucial factor to consider. Ensure to buy the electric knife that comes with suitable length of cord which you can plug in into power outlet without using an extender.

Ease of Cleaning

To extend the life expectancy of the electric knife it is very essential to keep the knife clean and neat. After every use you must clean the knife. So, ensure to buy the electric knife that is easy to clean after every use. The electric knives that come with the feature of removable blades is always better as after every use you can remove the blade for cleaning and store it safely to extend its lifespan.


The electric knives that come with storage case with secure lock are considered better choice for homemakers. So, ensure to buy the electric knife that has storage case where you can place the knife after every use safely.


The price of electric knives varies depending upon the blade length, size of the knife, brand, slicing capacities and other features. So, ensure to compare the prices of different electric knives online to grab the best and cheaper deals.

 Repairs and Maintenance 

How to Change Blades 

The blades of electric knives are very sharp so handle with extreme care while changing the blades. Ensure to disconnect the knife from the power outlet prior to removing or changing the blade. To change the blades of your electric knife you are required to unlock the blades in the knife by sliding apart. After removing the knife from the power outlet, you are required to slide back the blade release and ensure to hold the blades by its safety guards with cutting edge facing downwards towards the wooden surface of the table. Now, you need to pull the blades in outward direct from the slots to remove or change the blade.

 Sharpening The Blades 

The electric knives, especially the carving knife, come with serrated edges and hence many people believe that the electric knife blades can’t be sharpened again. But, in reality you can sharp the blades to keep your electric knife in optimal condition for years to come. Before sharpening the blades of your electric knife, you are required to remove the blade of the knife from the slot of the machine. Now, you need to hold the knife by its flat base by keeping the tip away from you. Now hold the sharpening machine on one hand and place the first serration of the blade into the sharpening machine. Ensure to hold tight the blade of the knife in sharpener and keep the metal part of the sharpener in same serration for better sharpening. Repeat this action for each serration until you reach the tip of the blade and again start sharpening the other side of the blade in the same action to complete the process.

Do & Don’ts 

You must store you electric knife properly after every use and keep the blades protected to last longer. Ensure to keep the blades sharpened and honed by sharpening them regularly at regular interval of time. Don’t wash the electric knife in your dishwasher or it may get damaged; You must wash the blades and clean the knife after every use to remove the food particles which may corrode the metal cause spotting. You must always use the electric knife on safe cutting and chopping boards. Don’t use the knife against harder and mental surface as it mat ruin the sharpness of the blades and put more pressure on the motor of the machine.


Most of the models and brands of electric knives come with manufacturer warranty of 3-5 years. The warranty covers all the manufacturing defects and electrical defects in the knife. Within warranty the knife will be repaired for free and under certain conditions replacements are also covered under warranty.


The conditions for replacement vary from brands to brands. However, replacement is only guaranteed if manufacturing defeat is found within the product. Replacement is done under certain circumstances.

Exchange Policy of Several Companies 

The replacement and exchange policy of different companies varies and you need to check for replacement exchange policy prior to making a purchase. The company under certain conditions only accepts the replacement of the product.